Friday, June 06, 2008

The things that are left

I m doing the suitcase which I ll take to my country. Along the last year I have cummulate lots of things that dont fit in there. They ar not bad... I just dont need them... what can I do with them?... If I was in my country I would go out and ask someone to take them... but here is different... people dont need it... there is nobody who need old and secondhand things... all the people have everything... well... it would be worse if the contrary happened, wouldn't it?

Backpacker's life

ME: So... what do you do?
CANADIAN GIRL: As less as possible...
That's how backpackers are defined...

What I call "normal people" struggle so hard to get everything they need. Or at least what they think they need. "Normal people" need a car, a house, money to spend, they need to have children, to bring them up.... and so on. That's why they work and get a house, a mortgage, a loan... something surprising? I think not yet...

Well... what if you did not have to work that much because you can buy everything you need with the less money you earn... what if study became a luxury and nothing required to work... what if all you need were travelling around the world working just to live and without thinking what will happen tomorrow?

Backpacker dont care sleeping in the same room with 14 strangers, they dont need a 5 stars hotel. Neither having a shower next to someone that they havent seen int their life. Not even having no money or accumulate it..because what can they do with money?
buy a a house? where? that would limit their freedom, wouldn't it?
buy a car? where can they put it?
feed their children? better not have them...

well..that happens