Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a job is and what it is for...

Well... It depends on the country.

When I was working last year I had the chance to get to know several views from the people about them jobs. Somepeople did it because they just ended up there, some people did it because they had no other chance to earn some money, some because they started and know they cant flee.

But some really liked what they did... even when the rewards, the ones usually pursued by normal people (salary, pension, laptop, car and insurance) didn't come. It was normal for me, because I think I was one of them and so the people around me. That's because sometimes... I can hardly understand this new culture.

In the UK... (I am lying, I dont know the UK) In Oxford, it doesn't matter where you work in, it doesn't make you better/worse than the others, it doesn't show how smart you are or which habilities you are keen on. The thing is that you are a student, you need some money, so you get a job, enjoy it or not, do it well or not.... just do it.... you will earn money and that's the important thing.

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