Friday, July 15, 2016

Catch´em all

My first thinkin was "this is the end of the human race" when I saw people on the streets walking like zombies with their smartphones following something that does not even exist; but beyond that (and beyond all security and privacy issues) and from the technological point of view, it is very interesting. Augmented reality is now popular and everybody can use it (actually not everybody, remember thousands of people are dying everyday because of lack of water, diseases, etc and probably will never be able to afford an smartphone). But at least for people in the developed world it is there.

I consider it important because it is a mixture among real and virtual world on site and real time, that never happened before. There might be a lot of useful applications. Can u imagine, a passport control made on the virtual world to open a door on the real world? Like a virtual police man or something like that? I want to see when people start having sex on the streets without even touching... kind of second life but 1/2 real.

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