Sunday, August 28, 2005

about diversity and difference...

i really dont know how to begin... this a matter about the way you can enrich your thoughts with diferent views from such different people

i think... when you get involved with people that know the things you dont, and make some things you dont.. it puts you in the mirror and makes you think about what you do and the way you do it.

all of us have reference points in our own carreers just for compare with others when getting a job or studying abroad but...what about the other life... the life outside your company or university, the life with your fmily and friens where all you professional knowledge isnt needed...are we doing this stuff well, why?

so, i think that for know this we have to meet diffrent points of view, not really saying "how must i behave?" but this kind of relationships open your mind and gives you understanding of the real world (more real even that the corporative).

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el camino de en medio said...

muy chevere eso, siempre hay que ampliar el panorama, porque si uno se concentra en el piso para no caer en los huecos, no se tiene la oportunidad de ver el paisaje.