Thursday, November 13, 2008

International Abend - HS Offenburg WS 2008

Hello, here a little explanation about what we will show in the International Abend

As Colombia has been culturally and racially mixed along the time, our music, clothes, food and other representations of cultures differ from region to region. From the mountain to the see, from the slaves and the indigenous to the colony and our days, our presetation will be based on different dances from several regions in our country.

First of all the Pacific Coast and the music which roots come from slaves brought to America by Spanish people 500 years ago.

You may think this is a difficult dance, well... you are right... but we wanted to show it to you anyway. Next there is a different version for the music...which was composed by Lucho Bermudez, one of the most famous Colombian musician and composer of Folkloric Music

The next one is called "Sanjuanero" and is a rythm from the center of the country.

One again our great composer shows his music with this "Cumbia" called "Colombia Beloved Land.... heir ist der Meister Lucho Bermudez mit "Colombia Tierra Querida"

This video has lots of beautiful pictures about our country and I think after seen it you will have "Lust" to go to Colombia so just ask any of us whenever you want to go

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